Many Kitchens is supporting small-batch producers by providing a venue for collaboration and promotion! In this special HRN Community Session, Leah Eden sits down with Valentina Rice of Many Kitchens, and Claire Marin of Catskill Provisions. Catskill Provisions is a company that sources New York State honey, syrup, and more! Tune in to hear Valentina and Claire define "artisan" producers, and why it's important to support these independent food businesses. Hear about the standards Valentina considers when selecting what products to feature with Many Kitchens, and why their model makes these food items more financially accessible. Hear more about local economies, sharing culture, and beyond on this edition of the HRN Community Sessions! To learn more about Many Kitchens and Catskill Provisions visit This program has been brought to you by Music provided by The California Honeydrops. To learn more about Many Kitchens and Pipsnacks visit

"Something that I work very hard to do is to make my products available to everyone." [14:55]

-- Claire Marin of Catskill Provisions