This week on HRN Happy Hour, Caity and Kat are joined by Patrick Martins and two special guests: Daniel Holzman, co-founder and co-owner of The Meatball Shop; and Jamie McDonald, Co-Founder of The Brampton Lodge and Experience.

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As usual, they kick off the show with rapid fire headlines from the past week across the network and share some highlights from last weekend's Food Book Fair. Then, Kat and Caity look ahead to their trip to Charlotte, North Carolina to interview local chefs and attend the International Symposium on Bread at Johnson & Wales.

We hear from Mike Dell and Kim Bagayawa who live in Toronto but are launching a project to send digital creators and storytellers to live in Central America. Learn more about Storytellers in Residence at

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During the second half of the show, we hear more from Jamie about The Brampton Lodge and Experience, which is like summer camp for adults who love food, and from Daniel about how he went from fine dining to opening The Meatball Shop.

Finally, since we always end the show with trivia, we’ve got some meatball-themed questions for the guys.



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