Felice Rosser fronts the band Faith, and has been involved with the New York City music scene since the late 1970s. On this installment of Metropolitan Ave., DJ Lady DM invites Felice and her guitarist, Nao Hakamada, to share their stories and music. What classic New York City bands influenced Felice's musical stylings and pushed her to start her own bands? Hear how high rent prices have affected creativity in New York City, and how Felice came to star in a Jim Jarmusch film. How does Faith stay healthy on the road? Find out on this week's episode of Metropolitan Ave. Thanks to our sponsor Tekserve.

"Rent used to be so cheap... You could work a shift at a restaurant, and then have the rest of the day off. So there was time to work on movies, and go to clubs at night." [18:45]

-- Felice Rosser on Metropolitan Ave.