This week on Nothing Urgent, hosts Derek Evers and Chris Robbins feature Bucky Turco, editor at Animal New York, and YC the Cynic, hip-hop artist from the Bronx. With the trend of street art rising in popularity as result of Banksy, Bucky discusses the influence of Banksy's art, and how he's possibly changed the whole idea of the street art movement. Can Banksy's art really defy New York City's graffiti law? Later on, listen to some new music from the debut album of YC the Cynic, titled GNK, and even hear from the artist himself on how he started a community center out of an abandoned candy factory. Tune-in for a great episode of hip-hop, and an interesting discussion on Bansky on today's episode of Nothing Urgent! This program has been sponsored by Underground Meats.


"I think there's definitely a purpose for putting up a piece in East New York. What exactly it is, it's self-deprecating." [15:55]

-- Bucky Turco on Nothing Urgent

"I think everyone has their own place, and everyone speaks on what they're inspired by. For me, growing up into what's not on the news - that's leaked into my music." [42:12]

-- YC the Cynic on Nothing Urgent