When the kitchen is always on the movie, how do you feed one of the biggest bands in the world?  Today on Feast Yr Ears, host Harry Rosenblum is on the line with Fiona Bohane, touring chef for the Dave Matthews Band.  She relays that feeding the band members, riggers, drivers, stagehands, sound technicians and guests with restaurant quality food can be challenging and executing the food that is befitting the demands of a rigorous tour schedule is a feat all its own. Fold in the desire to minimize a negative environmental impact, use locally sourced goods and travel without refrigeration, and now, well, we have a show.  Tune in for this backstage pass and hear Fiona chat about the typical menu, foraging, and being a new mom.

"There's a couple of vegetarians in the Dave Matthews Band, so we focus, as we should, on doing all vegetarian options... We do a pretty extensive buffet setup so we can pretty much hit everything." [14:15]

--Fiona Bohane on Feast Yr Ears