On this HRN Community Session, Jack Inslee fishes for some answers concerning sustainable seafood with Bill Brodsky of Boston's City Landing. Tune into this segment to learn about bycatch and how certain fishing practices destroy the aquaculture that fish need to reproduce. Hear about farmed fish, and how specific farming practices allow for sustainable population rates and great flavor. Why are consumers so afraid of farmed fish? Find out how line-caught fish in regions like Alaska and the Pacific Northwest promote sustainability, and why it's safe to assume that higher seafood prices mean better quality and concern for the environment. Tune into this HRN Community Session to find out what to pick up at your local seafood market! Thanks to our sponsor, Hearst Ranch.

"I always knew there were alternatives to commercial fishing, but I didn't realize the impact that it had on the environment until recently." [2:15]

"Farm-raised fish are regulated so heavily, that they're going to have less disease." [6:45]

-- Bill Brodsky of City Landing