Have you seen "BTG" scrolling through your social media feed and wondered WTH "BTG Mags" means? By-the-Glass Magnums of course. Michael Madrigale, head sommelier of New York City's Bar Boulud an Boulud Sud, created Gotham's first "Big Bottles" program, giving wine lovers the rare opportunity to drink large format bottles poured by the glass. @mikemadrigale joins Tech Bites in-studio to talk about how he uses social media, like Twitter and Instagram, to build a following of BTG drinkers. This program was brought to you by The International Culinary Center.

"Its value [Instagram] is that its more personal...you are really showing who you are, it connects you more." [20:00]

"I would place a bottle on a table...I really wanted to just get that NY feel in my pictures." [22:00]

-- Michael Madrigale on Tech Bites