This week on The Farm Report, host Erin Fairbanks is getting into the spirit of Cider Week! Welcoming guest Steve Wood of Farnum Hill Cider to the program, he is noted as a great apple grower, bug and fungus expert, cider fermenter, blender, and advocate to fellow-orchardists. Talking to Erin about the evolution of the cider business including the range of apples grown in the orchards, Steve shares the uses of varieties of apples, some of which are actually not meant for eating, rather meant for cider production. After the break, Erin and Steve discuss the up and coming market for those venturing into cider production. Steve points out that the apple market is on the precipice of becoming similar to that of the wine industry where growers grow fruit for the content on the inside versus its outer appearance, highlighting that great apples are not necessarily only shiny red or green. Tune in for a great talk on orchards, cider, and a case for unique apples. This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.

"I've been growing apples at the same orchard since 1975." [4:07]

"Apple growing is one step down from forestry." [8:15]

"There are going to be real cider regions soon and we are very excited about that." [17:20]

--Steve Wood on The Farm Report