Get to know the bison on a very informative episode of The Main Course as Patrick Martins explores the bovine animal with Patrick Fitzsimons, VP of Thunderheart Bison. Listen in as Patrick explains what make bison such unique (and delicious) animals and how Thunderheart Bison have genetics that trace back all the way to a herd from legendary Texas cowboy Charles Goodnight. Learn about some interesting cuts of meat unique to bison like the hump roast and discover why natural breeding is far more effective than artificial insemination when it comes to these creatures. Patrick Fitzsimmons also discusses his work with the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA), an advocate for independent farmers, ranchers, livestock owners, and homesteaders. Later in the show, Patrick Martins checks in with Peter de Garma of PastaWorks, a lovely market on Hawthorne Ave in Portland, OR. Today's program was brought to you by Rolling Press.

"Bovine animals are designed to eat grass. They aren't desgiend to be in feedlots eating grain and going straight to the slaughterhouse. If possible - they need to be harvested right in the field - where they feel the least amount of stress." 05:00

"Most bison are very docile and happy to have you around as long as you don't pose a threat to them." 14:00

--Patrick Fitzsimons, VP of Thunderheart Bison

"Portland out Portlandia's Portlandia in many Portland ways." 47:00

--Peter de Garmo of PastaWorks