Judy McGuire is remembering the Tompkins Square Riot with a roomful of New York City's finest on today's episode of The Mike & Judy Show. Chris Flash of The Shadow underground newspaper is in the studio talking about some of the events commemorating the riots, and dishing on the need for alternative press. Writer Michael Gonzales joins Judy to talk about the hip hop innovators in the Bronx, and how they also fueled the Downtown scene. Artist and musician Michael Holman talks about his band with Jean-Michel Basquiat, Gray, and the fusion of the art scene with graffiti in the East Village. How have rising rent prices made New York City a safer and more boring place? Find out how you can show your support for Michael Holman's Graffiti Rock, and show solidarity for the Tompkins Square Riot. Thanks to our sponsor, Roberta's.


"When you come to New York for the first time, it comes off as a theme park for really intelligent people." [6:00]

"None of the Downtown kids and none of the local media wanted to head up to the Bronx. So we were able to head Uptown and give that movement a platform." [12:25]

-- Michael Holman on The Mike & Judy Show