This week on The Morning After, hosts Jessie Kiefer and Sari Kamin chat up some crazy food news including a particular McDonald's review, SkyMall Magazine closing shop, and America bracing for a dog cafe to compete with the Japanese cat cafes. Brian Leventhal is officially welcomed on-air as the guest and tells Jessie and Sari about his journey coming up through the wine industry. Co-founders of Brooklyn Winery, Brian Land John Stires previously worked together at an internet startup. While there, they made their own wine with a group of co-workers at a winemaking facility in New Jersey. After realizing what an incredible amount of fun winemaking is, then observing a nearly complete lack of wineries in Brooklyn, and recognizing that New Yorkers are obsessed with all things local, Brian and John quit their jobs (in a terrible economy, no less) to open the business. He goes on to share the tales of unrelenting passion and dedication involved in their innovative idea that led them to officially open the winery less than a year after the company's inception, plus the details of the winery operation and wines to expect in the coming year. Tune in for a great show, plus find out how Brian fares on The Morning After Quiz! This program was brought to you by The International Culinary Center.

"Let's listen to the market and actually adapt our business to what people want. That doesn't change the fact that we make great wine." [35:00]

"The winery at this point runs because of the ability of all my employees. It's a great time." [40:00]

--Brian Leventhal on The Morning After