Damon Boelte is sampling a large array of whiskies from Hillrock Estate Distillery with Dave Pickerell and Danielle Eddy! Tune into this episode to hear about Dave's storied history in the liquor industry, and his background in chemical engineering. How does Dave's science background affect how he works in the distillery? Learn how Dave and Danielle began collaborating through Hillrock Estate Distillery, and how they have implemented solera-aging and floor-malting techniques in their single malts and whiskies. Tune in to learn more about the malting processes used in distilling, and don't miss a second of this week's episode of The Speakeasy! This program has been brought to you by BluePrint Cleanse. Thanks to Dead Stars for today's music.


"It's not that I am particularly smart, but I can just close my eyes and imagine molecules running around in the still and figure out what they're doing." [8:20]

-- Dave Pickerell on The Speakeasy