To kick off the school year, we are joined by the School Nutrition Association's newly elected President, Jean Ronnei, and Vice President Lynn Harvey. They take on these roles—and this conversation—at an exceptionally challenging and sensitive time for SNA and the school nutrition community as a whole. On today's agenda: Is school nutrition really a "battleground"? What's the difference between "flexibility" and "rollback"? Just how much controversy in school food would fade into the background if reimbursements were to keep up with costs? If students were given enough time to eat? This program was brought to you by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"We are seeking that middle ground where we have high quality products that are affordable and appealing to students." [12:00]

--Lynn Harvey on Inside School Food

"The reality is that school meal programs are self supporting within a school district.  They're not set up to take money from the general fund, where teacher salaries come from." [20:15]

--Jean Ronnei on Inside School Food