Tune in to this week's episode of U Look Hungry to hear Helen Hollyman interview Queens rap group Children of the Night. Remy Banks, Lansky Jones, and Nasty Nigel are talking about their new record Queens Revisited, where to take a lady out in Queens, and some of their favorite food spots in the borough. Queens is a melting pot; there's all sorts of cuisines from Puerto Rican to Chinese, and Children of the Night love them all. Hear about some of their favorite cities to visit and their favorite rappers to listen to growing up. This episode has been brought to you by Tekserve.

"The inspiration for this album is this rejuvenation of Queens- this new renaissance that's happening right now as far as the young demographic goes. They're venturing off into other boroughs, and then it's making the borough more identifiable. You can identify Queens more because people are embracing the borough more." -- Remy Banks on U Look Hungry