Get ready to meet one of the hardest working people in institutional dining on a brand new episode of What Doesn't Kill You as Katy Keiffer is joined by Ken Toong, Executive Director of University of Massachusetts Amherst Auxiliary Enterprises (AE) for the past 15 years. AE is the umbrella for UMass Dining. It is the nation's largest campus dining operation with over 17,000 students on various meal plans and 83 million in annual revenue. UMass Dining serves over 45,000 meals daily, including 15 world cuisines. This program was brought to you by Tabard Inn


"We want to be at the forefront of campus dining - that's important to us." [05:00]

"By the year 2020 20% of the food we purchase will be 'real' food." [18:00]

"The good thing about campus dining is we work closely together, we don't compete [with each other]" [27:00]

--Ken Toong on What Doesn't Kill You