We're hunting wild boar this week on The Wild Game Domain with special guest, chef, and culinary instructor Jessie Riley. Learn all about the game animal and it's natural tendencies and unique makeup - from it's beautiful tusks to it's delicious dark meat. Find out why boar are so popular across Europe and just starting to catch on in the states. Learn about a feral boar/pig hybrid that is highly adaptable and ends up causing trouble in many areas including Connecticut. Later in the show, Jessie gives listeners a great recipe for boar leg, in the style of a Puerto Rican pork shoulder.This program was sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.

"Unlike Europe we don't have a lot of wolves running around - so they [the wild boar] don't have any natural predators." [20:30]

"The thing that's tricky about carving a leg is that the muscle changes direction. So you have to look while you're carving and move it around. If you cut it in the wrong direction, you'll realize it immediately because the meat will start to shred." [28:00]

--Jessie Riley on Wild Game Domain