LIVE on WORD OF MOUTH, we talk to Floyd Cardoz of the new White Street restaurant in TriBeCa. Formerly of Danny Meyer's North End Grill and the NYTimes 3* Tabla, Floyd is opening a restaurant in Bombay, India; he aims to awaken his native city that local flavors and indigenous ingredients have an important place in a modern restaurant. Floyd also talks what it was like to advise the Steven Spielberg-Oprah Winfrey produced film Hundred-Foot Journey. Plus, what's stopping Indian food from being cool—and knowing your consommé cold can change the course of your life.

Top of the show, we head to the Greenmarket with Gabe Kennedy, champion of this season of The Taste on ABC, who talks building flavor and recounts childhood carrot memories. To #WINEeddown, Leiti has on the line sommelier Carrie Strong of the Charlie Palmer NYC restaurant Aureole; they get nerdy about not just wine, but the state of wine events today.This program was brought to you by Visit Napa Valley.

"At the end of the day, food is a very intimate thing. Let your food turn you on, and don't put something in your mouth if it doesn't turn you on." [7:34]

"When I grew up eating at restaurants - India was not a very big restaurant culture. You would go out to eat maybe once a month, and there would be a choice of either two cuisines... I'd not eaten a naan until I was 18 years old, so it was not something I knew. [19:10]

--Floyd Cardoz on WORD OF MOUTH