Today's in-studio guest on #PEOPLE WELIKE...we'll talk to Matt Gross, Web Editor at Bon Appetit. The former Frugal Traveler columnist for the NYTimes, has been to over 50 countries.I had him dial in live from Taipei, Taiwan a few weeks ago on a recent trip to visit the in-laws and EAT, and he's now in the studio to report back to us. Plus, travel tips you'll only hear here.

But before that, we'll head to the Greenmarket with who I go to with all my questions about Japanese cooking -- Hiroko Shimbo, chef and author of IACP cookbook award-winning Hiroko's Kitchen.

Then, after we hang with Matt in the studio, to WINE-ED down this morning, we talk to Gordon Little, founder of Little Peacock Imports, the only Aussie-wine only boutique wine import company that we know of anyway. This program has been sponsored by Heritage Foods USA. Music provided by Obey City

"We put movies and wine together, or video games and wine, and people get into that stuff." [36:00]

-- Matt Gross on WORD OF MOUTH