Amy Azzarito rejoins host Grace Bonney for the season finale of After the Jump! Tune into this episode to hear Grace and Amy talk about their top ten favorite design trends of 2012, and how they will evolve in the upcoming year! Hear about the resurgence of brick-and-mortar stores, and the myriad of pop-up shops in New York City. Tune in to hear discussions about some of the trends from this year that Grace and Amy hope to see fall out of favor. Later, Grace and Amy talk about the blog world in 2012, and how blogging has officially become a profession for many people. How have social media formats like Pinterest, tumblr, and Facebook changed the way that the online community shares information? Tune in to this episode of After the Jump to hear Grace and Amy's predictions for 2013! This program has been sponsored by 360 Cookware.

"Now, with Pinterest, tumblr, Facebook, etc. - People are making these conversations about their lives in visual ways. People used to 'talk' more..." [24:45] -- Grace Bonney on After the Jump