Learn how to turn your lifestyle or design idea into a book with Lia Ronnen, Executive Editor and Associate Publisher at Artisan Books. Tune in to hear Grace Bonney talk with Lia about her background in the art world, and how that led to work in packaging, publishing, and editing. Learn about Artisan's unique take fashion, lifestyle, and design books, and why they have worked with category killers like Domino and Lucky. How have blogs and magazines influenced the world of books and publishing? Find out how the death of bookstores has affected the marketing of visual books, and tune in to hear Lia explain how to pitch a book idea! This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods.

"The toughest problem that we've had is the loss of the bookstore. That was our biggest marketing tool... For visual books- coffee table books, books that are objects- bookstores are important." [18:50]

"A book needs to be more in depth; it's not a blog. In order for it to have a longer life, it needs to have something specific to say." [23:50]

-- Lia Ronnen on After the Jump