Hosts Alice and Carmen welcome Dr. Michael Graham to this week's episode of We Dig Plants.  Talking aquatic plants, like seaweed and algae, Dr. Graham is an experimental ecologist whose research program currently focuses on seaweed-based systems (primarily kelps).  He is currently investigating the various physiological, ecological, and genetical processes that regulate kelp population biology, as well as the consequences of such habitat dynamics on the various physical and biological processes that ultimately determine the productivity, structure, and diversity of kelp forest communities. Mr. Graham goes on to explain how plant life like algae is often the first indicator of issues in the resulting food chain.  Tune in for a thought-provoking show!

"Anywhere in the world where it's great to make red wine it's great for kelp... it's called upwelling." [24:00]

"You start to change the quality of the water the algae respond." [29:00]

--Dr. Michael Graham on We Dig Plants