This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy Carbone, Jen Schwertman, and Chris O'Leary are talking about contract brewing with a studio full of guests! Jeremy Cowan joins from Shmaltz to talk about his thirteen years of contract brewing experience, as well as some upcoming Hurricane Sandy relief events. Greg Doroski joins from Greenport Harbor to share his opinion on contract brewing as a brewer. What is the difference between contract and gypsy brewing? Dann Paquette calls in to talk about his experiences with gypsy brewing, and how it was the only viable option for him to brew beer. John Liegey also calls up Jimmy and the crew to talk about Greenport Harbor's expansion, and what it means in terms of expanding their beer portfolio. Jimmy wraps up the show by surveying everyone's favorite weekend beers! This episode has been brought to you by

"Sometimes, the more widely known beer out of the brewery is the gypsy beer and not the main beer that comes out of the brewery." [31:45] -- Chris O'Leary on Beer Sessions Radio

"In the 90s, there were a lot opportunities for contract brewing on the East Coast, but a lot of those breweries either got bought or sold for scrap." [32:30] -- Jeremy Cowan on Beer Sessions Radio

"I've never had to prove that I was the brewer because I was always in there making beer- even though I didn't own [the brewery]." [39:10] -- Dann Paquette on Beer Sessions Radio