Heavy Seas Beer and Peekskill Brewery are the stars of today's Beer Sessions Radio! Jimmy Carbone is live at Jimmy's No. 43 with Hugh Sisson and Ken Zuckerman of Heavy Seas Beer in Baltimore, Maryland. Tune in to hear how Hugh got involved in the bar business after theater school. Hugh talks about beer and food pairings, and why Heavy Seas focuses on beers that go well with food. Hugh also talks about his love for cask conditioning, and how he learned to drink cask ales in London. Learn about Hugh's "caskerator", and how it keeps cask beer drinkable for up to ten days! Later, Jimmy talks with Jeff O'Neill of Peekskill Brewery at New York City Beer Week's Brewer's Choice. Tune in to hear Jimmy, Jeff, and Tim Stendahl (Union Beer) talk about some of the best beer events at New York City Beer Week! Learn why Jeff started brewing sour beers, and how Peekskill uses a coolship to make extremely clean beers! This episode has been brought to you by GreatBrewers.com.


"Too many IPAs are focused on the bitterness. If an IPA doesn't want to you have another beer, than it's not a good proposition." [3:20]

"Cask beer is the finest possible expression of draft beer." [10:25]

-- Hugh Sisson on Beer Sessions Radio