This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy invites a big crew of craft beer legends into the studio in anticipation of the Union Beer portfolio tasting! Dick Cantwell of Elysian Brewing Co. in Seattle stops by the studio to talk about beer writing, pumpkin ales, and experimental hop varieties. Find out why Dick believes that beer is all about balance, even when using odd or uncommon ingredients. Irene Firmat and Jamie Emmerson of Full Sail in Hood River, Oregon join the program to talk about their dedication to local ingredients and water efficiency. Hear about Full Sail's twenty years in the craft beer game, and how the industry has evolved since their start. Dave Brodrick and Bobby Gagnon of legendary NYC craft beer bars The Blind Tiger and The Gate talk about the beers they served in the mid-90s, and what the shift towards American craft beer meant to their draft lines in those days. Ray Darmstadt of St. Gambrinus Beer Shoppe shares his experiences from opening his beer store in the heart of Brooklyn. Finally, hear from Union Beer's Tim Stendahl! What beers are getting Tim excited for the Union Beer portfolio tasting? Find out on this week's edition of Beer Sessions Radio! Thanks to our sponsor, Music by Hardbodies.

"Every decision is a branding decision... people think that one or two beers are going to sell themselves. These days, there's a new brewery popping up everyday... there's a limited attention span." [14:25]

-- Dick Cantwell on Beer Sessions Radio

"I think for many of us who started craft beer in the 1980s... it was about quality of life more than anything." [24:00]

-- Irene Firmat on Beer Sessions Radio