This pre-long weekend of Week in Review catches you up on all the best content from a full week at Heritage Radio Network! Bernie and bread with Jim Lahey, free lunch in jeopardy, our CBS This Morning debut, and more! Kaleigh Rogers from Motherboard joins us to talk food myths on "The Breakdown." Producer Sarah McKeen co-hosts with Jack. 

Last Great Bite 

Every episode of Week In Review opens with a recap of the last great thing Jack and Erin ate, and how you can try it too.

JACK: Takeout hack! Grind up Sichuan peppercorns to turn terrible Chinese leftovers into a mouth-numbing treat.

SARAH: Milon, "where chili pepper lights meet Christmas lights" in the East Village.

Featured Episodes 

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CBS This Morning 

Podcasts Document America's Obsession with Food



Inside School Food

Episode #68: Community Eligibility Explained

Hosted by Laura Stanley

With guest Morris Leis

Cooking Issues

Episode #251: Masterbaking with Jim Lahey

Hosted by Dave Arnold

With guest Jim Lahey

The Breakdown

A guest or caller from around the industry joins the show to talk about their recent work

Kaleigh Rogers of Motherboard joins us to talk about recent studies that rebuke some of the most common food myths. From probiotics to GMOs and gluten, what does the latest science say about what you think you should be putting in your body? Her most recent article is titled, "Probiotics are Useless, GMOs are Fine, and Gluten is Necessary".


Jack and Erin “big up” people, places, and things they're totally digging right now.

(shoutout to Big Ups, the band, for that theme song)

JACKRalph, the HVAC guy, for hooking up the studio with that fresh new freeze!

SARAHThe Meat Hook, her other place of work, for being not only the best damn butchers around, but also crushing the karaoke game last night.