Dave and Nastassia are back from Japan and Cooking Issues has returned! Dave's mailbox is full and he attempts to answer as many questions as humanly possible. From coffee brewing to cow muscles to intervase enzymes, Dave continues on his mission to solve any and all Cooking Issues on-air. Learn more about egg free custards, ways to prepare foods for those allergic to eggs and how to effectively roast meat. Ever try making bagels and pretzels at home? Hear some tips about avoiding lye disasters in the process and hear Dave's pretzel rules. This program was sponsored by The International Culinary Center.

"If you add fat to your pretzels, I have a problem with you and your pretzels. It's an abomination, it turns into a cracker - it's terrible. Also, if it's not twisted it's not a pretezel, it's a pretzeloid. The best pretzels I've ever had in my life are from Martins Brothers - you can get them by mail order."

--Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues