So you want to learn about cheese? You've found the perfect program! This week's guest on Cutting the Curd is Susan Sturman, of the Academie Opus Caseus, a school for cheese professionals in France with a program in English for anglophone cheese professionals worldwide. Academie Opus Caseus exists at the heart of the MonS Fromagerie operational headquarters, where cheese undergoes affinage, and orders are received, packed and shipped. Tune in and learn more about the school and the state of cheese at large - from affinage to cheese caves. Learn more about the school and their courses here: Academie Opus Caseus.This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.


"This is not cheese appreciation this is working with cheese - practical knowledge." 05:00

"The culture the French have around cheese is something we can take from and build around. They represent a wealth of knowledge." 10:00

"Affinage is the maturing of cheese. It's a different skillset [than cheesemaking] and takes a different infrastructure." 24:00

--Susan Sterman of Academie Opus Caseus