This week on Fuhmentaboudit!, Chris Cuzme and Mary Izett share some interviews from this year's Belgium Comes to Cooperstown Festival! Hear from Brewery Ommegang's Justin Forsyth, Tony Cordova, and Scott Veltman! Learn their respective histories in homebrewing and professional brewing. What are their favorite Ommegang brews? Find out what hops and yeast strains are ideal for making Belgian styles. Later, Chris and Mary call up Scott Meyer, author of Hooch. Hear how cider inspired Scott to begin fermenting, and find out how you can start making your own fermented beverages using products foraged in urban environments. Take a stroll through the Greenmarket and ferment something new this week! Thanks to our sponsor, Consider Bardwell.


"More people are doing things themselves. They're either growing great ingredients or finding them somewhere!" [23:10]

"To get the balance of sugars and acids... it takes some practice so the wine comes out and doesn't taste too much like a vegetable." [27:50]

-- Scott Meyer on Fuhmentaboudit!