Answering the call of the Earth, Mary Russ decided one day to leave
college in order to become a farmer. She immediately developed a
passion for growing organic food and animal husbandry. She has worked
on several organic farms and formerly managed a large Certified
Organic CSA farm in Tallahassee, Florida. Currently she has embarked
on a new adventure and is managing Serenity Acres, an artisan goat
dairy and non-profit education center. This program has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.

"One of the benefits of being out on the farm is that I've learned so much about making cheese... It's definitely a farm focused on learning." [9:30]

"One of the things that I've helped with is assisting farmers sell and market their products- either direct to consumers, or to restaurants." [18:15]

-- Mary Russ on Greenhorn Radio