Adam Friedman is promoting local NYC manufacturers with the non-profit initiative Made in NYC. On this HRN Community Session, Mariana Cotlear talks design and food with Adam. Adam is also the Director of Pratt Center For Community Development- the organization that houses Made in NYC. Hear about Made in NYC's roots as a post-9/11 enterprise designed to promote sustainable economies within the city limits. Find out what vendors Made in NYC works with, and why the organization has decided not to subscribe to the 'Brooklyn' branding trend. How does Made in NYC target sustainability promotion in so many different fields? Learn more about food as design, and what it means for local economies. This program has been sponsored by Route 11 Potato Chips. Thanks to EULA for today's music.

"New York is a big, naturally-occurring test kitchen. People come here from all over the world- over 149 countries. Each of those immigrant communities creates a submarket. And these submarkets blend, and become part of the mainstream." [6:40]

-- Adam Friedman of Made in NYC