Today on Japan Eats, Akiko is sitting down with one of only 48 "Sake Samurais" in the world as honored by the Japan Sake Brewers Association - Roger Dagorn. Also a noted Master Sommelier, Roger shares how he came around to the fascinating world of distinguished beverages as well as details on how he analyzes and pairs all types of food with various sakes plus relays how sake is typically produced. After the break, Roger describes the induction ceremony associated with the "Sake Samurai," the importance of educating about sake, and his tips for pairing sakes with meals. This program was brought to you by The International Culinary Center.

"Every time I taste sake, I think about what I can pair it with food... Sake can be a food, it is meant to be consumed with food." [8:00]

"Sometimes with age they can take on strong aromas of smokiness and gaminess... Some people even compare them to scotch sometimes without the high alcohol." [31:00]

--Roger Dagorn on Japan Eats