The apocalypse is imminent! What- or should I say 'who'- are you going to eat? Erica Wides is back with another episode of Let's Get Real to teach you how to survive the end of times. Hear how the apocalypse will eliminate the irony from Brooklyn rooftop farming, and why it's better to eat a pigeon than a rat. Looking to make a reservation at the Foodiness Fall-Out Shelter? Hear what skills are necessary to learn in an post-apocalyptic New York City. New York has been hit with storms and blackouts, but are the city's residents really ready for Rapture? Find out this episode of Let's Get Real! This program has been sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"Foodiness takes care of what you eat for you so you don't know how it came to be!" [15:20] -- Erica Wides on Let's Get Real