The White Moustache's Homa Dashtaki sits down with Cherry Bombe's Claudia Wu to talk about how she went from California lawyer to New York cult yogurt maker. With flavors inspired by her Persian roots and techniques learned from her yogurt making (and white mustached) father, Dashtaki makes each batch lovingly by hand in Red Hook, Brooklyn. She's recently expanded the business and launched a line of whey drinks, making use of the byproducts of yogurt manufacturing. Tune in to hear her story.

"Dairy is highly, highly regulated...and the attitude in every other place, besides Brooklyn, was we're gonna shut you down." [5:00]

"Every yogurt maker plays different music [to their yogurt]...I know I sound a little crazy but it's a live product, it's a living creation." [11:00]

"Keep your ear to the belly of the beast that is your project, it's going to tell you the way to go...authenticity is the most important thing." [16:00]

--Homa Dashtaki on Radio Cherry Bomb