As the founder & CEO, of Dig Inn, a successful farm to table restaurant group based in New York and Boston Adam Eskin was thrown in the deep end right from the start.

With an Economics degree from Brown University, Adam quickly entered the world of finance where he ascended the corporate ladder. His first insight to the world of food came when Wexford Capital acquired a small chain of bodybuilding restaurants, at the time of the protein craze during the mid 00's. Adam soon assumed responsibility for the transformation and revival project of the restaurants which would become Dig Inn.

Dig Inn is an inspiring company with direct connections to the farms that they source from. In the modern era where food companies alternate their fluffy descriptors depending on whats in vogue, Dig Inn has maintained the same vision from day one. They are a farm-to-table, seasonal restaurant group which serve healthy and nourishing food at very affordable prices.

This was the company that I wanted to work for when I first moved to New York, and it still magnetizes me to this day because it’s core ethos is so encouraging. Adam Eskin has thrown himself in to an industry where, on paper, he had no right to succeed, but with humility and ambition he has constructed a machine that will eventually shift the food industry.