This week on Sharp and Hot Emily and Anne interview Chef Leeann Lavin and Chef Joe Realmuto. They discuss Chef Leeann's newest cookbook, "The Hamptons and Long Island: Homegrown Cookbook," in which Joe is featured. Joe tells us about a local garden that he owns behind his restaurant Nick and Tony's, and why he decided to stop working in NYC. Leeann and Joe then go into why locally sourcing ingredients is tantamount to having a successful restaurant, and why chefs should not "smile and dial." This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.

"I wanted to show in the book not only the relationship between the artisan and the chef...but also the reverence they have for the land and the water." [23:00]

"You need to eat from your own soil." [25:00]

-- Leeann Lavin on Sharp and Hot