Pair artisnal baking with lo-fi dreamy electronic pop on a lively episode of Snacky Tunes. The food guest is “The Baking Bean”. Using only the highest quality ingredients, Clarice Lam aka the Bean makes everything from scratch and bakes fresh to order drawing inspiration from her worldly travels, and realizing inspirations from her background as a fine artist and painter. Trained in French technique, Chef Clarice Lam uses her experience as a chocolatier and cultural chef to execute her creations with the perfect balance of elegance, whimsy, and street. The music guest is WALL – a London based electronic pop-outfit in town off of their successful SXSW run. Tune in for the best and food as music, as usual, on Snacky Tunes.

“It’s REALLY hard to find bad food in Italy.” [09:00]

“Paris is what made me want to become a pastry chef.” [11:00]

–chef Clarice Lam on Snacky Tunes