On today's THE FOOD SEEN, Alice Gao is the queen of social media food photography. A legend on Flickr, and now a leader on Instagram, her half a million followers can't wait to see what she eats next, and where she dines. Born in China, raised in NJ, she was lost in between the classic Szechuan dish, "Ants Climbing A Tree", and the familiar "Ants on a Log" of most American's childhood. It wasn't until the collegiate publication Penn Appétit, that she combined her passion for photography, with that of documenting her culinary, and self (portrait), explorations. This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods Market.


"To the chef, the plate is a work of art." [8:40]

"I think what helped me was looking at other professional photographers, and looking at what aspects they did that I liked. I was drawn to a certain light, like a painting." [10:00]

"Having a food and or prop stylist makes the world a difference." [21:00]

--Alice Gao on The Food Seen