On today's THE FOOD SEEN, Jen Pelka, aka tumblr's "Food & Beverage Evangelist", gives us an insider's look at what's hot in the world of food blogs, all while keeping a tab of her own adventures as she traverses the globe, champagneproblems.tumblr.com. She's also a meme maker, nailsandnosh.tumblr.com, and celebrates the trendiest in roughage like a boss, omgkalesalad.tumblr.com. Jen lives the epicure's life, as noted on her recent Grub Street Diet), and through the lens of Food & Wine's photo blogger coverage of the Classic in Aspen. Darn those champagne problems. Cin cin! Thanks to our sponsor, BluePrint Cleanse. Thanks to Cookies for today's music.


"Tumblr is not very advertorial- it's mostly about cool, beautiful, and interesting stuff." [5:15]

-- Jen Pelka on THE FOOD SEEN