On today's THE FOOD SEEN, Michael Harlan Turkell welcomes the best in small-format publishing, Short Stack Editions. These handmade, single-subject cookbooks are written by top culinary talents such as Susan Spungen (Strawberries), Ian Knauer (Eggs), and Soa Davis (Tomatoes). The brainchild of Nick Fauchald, a Brooklyn-based writer, editor and now publisher, from his years of work in print and digital media. Short Stack's editor, Kaitlyn Goalen, joins us in studio, after weeks of hand stitching and envelope stuffing, to celebrate the release of these collectible first editions. Thanks to our sponsor, Whole Foods.


"We're not choosing what to eat for dinner based on a name or country... Now, we're in an ingredient-driven food culture." [8:15]

-- Nick Fauchald on THE FOOD SEEN

"Without the photographs, you really need to describe the recipe well so the reader's know what to do and how the final product should look." [24:40]

-- Susan Spungen on THE FOOD SEEN