On today's episode of THE FOOD SEEN, Brooklyn butcher Tom Mylan, runs The Meat Hook. It's not just a supermarket for burgers and sausage, it's an institution, a school for buying, butchering, and cooking better meat, which is almost verbatim the subtitle of his new cookbook, The Meat Hook Meat Book. I was lucky enough to be the photographer on this project, and aside from an 11 lb pinbone steak grilled on rooftop, and shooting 3D spreads of pigs in space, it was Tom's prose on proteins that makes this a more than entertaining read. Hear about the other cuts; secreto, campagnella or heel, merlot steak, oyster steak, shoulder tendon, the pear ... the hidden steaks of the arm chuck (which usually get ground into burgers); flatiron, blade, chuck tender, rope ... the off cuts aka beef offal ... Taiki's Tongue Steaks, Trotter-On Porchetta, Inside-Out Chicken Pot Pie, Grilled Duck Hearts ... and all the sliced meats, pates, terrines, bacons, rendered fats, stocks, and jerky you can handle. Get your BBQs fired up! This program was sponsored by Consider Bardwell