On the 200th episode of THE FOOD SEEN, the lovely Julia Bainbridge, food editor for Yahoo Food, uses an anthropological approach to decipher our trending foodways. A native of Maryland’s crab, lake trout, and pit beef cuisine, her journey into food media was one through forming her sense of style. It shows in the parties she throws, as Julia’s an impeccable hostess, who uses fashion and wit to seamlessly weave pop and past cultures together for an unforgettable scene. She also knows where all the coolest restaurant wallpaper hangs, the hottest horseshoe-shaped bars, and the best up-and-coming ingredients (e.g. bottarga, ancient grains like kamut) to have in your pantry. Needless to say, she’s “in the know”. This program was brought to you by Edwards VA Ham.

“Honestly, sometimes I get a little sick of talking about food just as food.” [12:00]

“Women in New York are constantly picking each other up – I’ve picked up more chicks at bars than dudes. We’re connectors!” 19:00

“The fun in plating is you can do it differently depending on how you’re feeling and what the food is.” [35:00]

–Julia Bainbridge on THE FOOD SEEN