On today’s THE FOOD SEEN, Salvatore Rizzo, owner/director of De Gustibus Cooking School at Macy’s Herald Square, may host a pantheon of chefs, but he still keeps true to his Sicilian roots, growing up picking tomatoes for sauce and making barrels of red wine in his Brooklyn backyard. Through his earnest enthusiasm and energy, he worked his way up from busboy and now runs “The School of Good Taste”. This program was sponsored by White Oak Pastures.

“My [Sicilian] mother used to say, ‘You want to eat sauce with us every Sunday? You better make it with us!'”

“Everybody is always fascinated by molecular gastronomy..people like to see [science] because it’s something they normally wouldn’t do in the kitchen.”

–Salvatore Rizzo of De Gustibus Cooking School on The Food Seen