Take a trip to the Far East long ago as host Linda Pelaccio welcomes Kian Lam Kho to the studio for a brand new episode of A Taste of the Past.  Kian shares descriptive details on what banquets were like in China more than three-thousand years ago and how traditional Chinese cuisine was shaped by the worldly trading routes.  Through much culinary detective work, Kian goes on to share tantalizing facts about ancient dishes and cooking techniques used before discussing a special visit to the country that no doubt influenced his new book, "Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees."  Tune in for a thorough explanation behind the poetic names of popular Chinese plates! To find out more, check out Kian's website!


"Mugu gai pan, for example, the 'pan' in the end means that the chicken is sliced thinly, so the 'pan' refers to the cut." [26:45]

"Once you know the techniques, you can adapt to your own flavor or local ingredients because I understand not everywhere can you find the exotic ingredients required for Chinese cooking." [28:30]

--Kian Lam Kho on A Taste of the Past