Recently, there was a false news story in Long Island claiming that an eccentric millionaire had released lions onto his property to manage deer populations. But how does Chef Chad Pagano suggest you control deer on your land? This week on the Wild Game Domain, Chad suggests you take matters into your own hands; don't wait around for federal sharpshooters! Later, Chad also offers some recipes for sprays that repel deer. You don't need to use coyote urine, just a few ingredients from your home pantry. Learn how to build fences and effectively scare deer away from your gardens and shrubs! Thanks to our sponsor, S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. Music by Sleepies.


"I don't know who these federal sharpshooters are, but they aren't hunters. They don't know the woods, or the ways of the deer." [11:20]

"Hunting is the most effective method of deer population control." [29:00]

-- Chef Chad Pagano on Wild Game Domain