Cask ales and beer and cheese pairings are today's topics on Beer Session Radio! Jimmy Carbone is joined in the studio by cask expert Alex Hall of Wandering Star and Anne Likes Beer. Kevin Heald of Malt & Mold brings by some bold beers and cheeses for the cast to taste. Tune into this episode to hear Alex explain the best way to serve and preserve cask ales. Steve Wildy, beverage director for Vetri Family Restaurants, calls in to talk about Philly Beer Week and his Italian beer bar, Alla Spina. What beer and cheese pairing was revolutionary for Steve's palate? Later, Anne talks about the importance of connecting the flavors of a beer to its hometown and history. Learn about Alex's upcoming Glastonwick cask ale festival! Find out what breweries Alex will be featuring, and how cask IPAs fared in last year's installment. Thanks to our sponsor,, and thanks to Pamela Royal for today's music.

"You have to drink cask ale at cellar temperature for the best effect. So fill up your growler, and drink it the same night." [7:00] -- Alex Hall on Beer Sessions Radio

"The 'intense' on 'intense' food pairing has a lot of risks. But iff it works out, it can be great." [26:15] -- Steve Wildy on Beer Sessions Radio