This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy Carbone sits down with Garret Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery and Chris Cuzme of Wandering Star to chat about Japanese beer, cheese pairings and some of Brooklyn Brewery's most recent special offerings. Tune in to learn why beer is much more widely consumed in Japan than sake and why Japanese beer is set to take the states by storm. This program was sponsored by

"The history of brewing in Japan is fascinating...The first European style breweries there catered largely to Europeans and Americans that were working in Japan. It took a long time for beer to take off in Japan. Most people don't know this, but now in Japan the main drink by far is beer, not sake."

"So far, Americans don't know the Japanese beer scene very well. We know a few breweries, but not many of the Japanese beers end up coming here. It will probably be the next cool wave."

--Garret Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery on Beer Sessions Radio