This week on Burning Down the House, Curtis B. Wayne is joined by frequent guest Duo Dickinson of the Congress of Residential Architecture. Recently, Curtis moderated CORA's "The Great Debate"; tune into this episode for a recapitulation of the event's happenings. Learn about the inherent social contract that the architect has with the public, and how the built environment should not serve the designer's ego. Are architects artists, technicians, or both? Hear discussions regarding population density in relation to sustainability and environmental stewardship. How realistic is "the American Dream" from an architectural standpoint? Hear Curtis and Duo talk about licensing architects, and whether or not it is necessary for people building single-family residences. Want to know more about the future of architecture? Tune into this episode of Burning Down the House! This program has been brought to you by Fairway Market.

"If you have half a brain you know that 150 or ten years from now, whatever the increment is- and this hurricane makes it in stark relief- there's going to have to be a day of reckoning where the cost of the energy needed to sustain remote, isolated structures is just going to become too great in a free-market economy for any group except for the stratospherically wealthy- who are always going to have what they are going to have." [40:40] -- Duo Dickinson on Burning Down the House