Ruth Reichl may not be a chef, but she has been known to "make or break" a restaurant with her legendary restaurant reviews and food writing. The one and only Ruth Reichl is this week's guest on a special edition of Chef's Story, hosted by Dorothy Cann Hamilton. Tune in and hear how Ruth found food as a career and how she's seen the role of the chef during the course of her illustrious career. She gives her perspective on a number of topics including sustainability, cultural food identity and gastronomic journalism. From women in food to celebrity chef culture - tune in and hear Ruth's razor sharp take on the modern food landscape. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.

"I always thought of restaurants as magical places you could be anybody you want for a while." [03:00]

"There's always something new to do in food - it's like a moving target. It's not just about restaurants." [10:00]

"A modern american chef is somebody who is really passionate about food and feed people his/her interpretation of the best food that he or she can possible imagine." [35:00]

"If we don't want to have a system where only rich people eat well, and we don't want to be inundated by fast food - we have to do something and do it quickly." [41:00]

--Ruth Reichl on Chef's Story