Dave Arnold is back from Senegal with another episode of Cooking Issues! Joining him in the studio is Peter Kim of the Museum of Food & Drink. Tune into this episode to hear Dave talk about milk- both cow and human. Is it ok to freeze milk? And should you drink alcohol if you are breast feeding? Later, Dave and Peter offer some suggestions for creating non-alcoholic drinks that taste and feel like real cocktails. Find out how to infuse nut flavors efficiently, and how to make large-format ice at home. Hear Dave and Peter talk about some of their favorite food and drink from West Africa, and learn why West African cuisine and flavors has been largely neglected in high-end restaurant kitchens. Thanks to our sponsor, Chefsteps.


"Human breast milk is vastly water, so you would assume that a mother's milk is close to her blood alcohol level." [15:20]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues