Dave Arnold is back from Colombia, and is joined again by Nastassia Lopez for another episode of Cooking Issues. Dave and Nastassia start off the the show by talking about different tropical fruits and thickeners. Dave revisits the homemade gummy candy topic with a listener response. Tune in to learn more about starch molding and gum arabic! Later, Dave offers some rethermalizing tips to ensure food safety and fresh flavor. Did you know that cephalopods are some of the smartest creatures in the ocean? Nonetheless, Dave talks about the variety of flavor and texture in octopus. For more information about pressure cooking in large quantities, induction heating, meat textures, and raw milk - check out this week's Cooking Issues! This episode has been sponsored by Whole Foods.

"When people talk about shelf-life, they're actually talking about two things. One - Is it going to be safe to consume? And, two - is it going to taste good?"

"The tentacles on the octopus taste different. They have dominant tentacles and non-dominant tentacles."

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues